“Working with the children on the sets of the opera has been a great experience for me. Thanks to all.
— Artist Paton Miller
It was the most awesome experience I ever had. I plan to be an artist.
— Isabel Mulhern, a fourth grader who worked with Visiting Artist Paton Miller on a mural for this year’s opera.
I was lucky enough to spend a week teaching a collagraph printing lesson to the 8th grade class at Springs School. Students welcomed me into their art room with courtesy and interest. They are a fantastic group of students who gave support and encouragement to one another through the steps of this project where results are always uncertain. I am proud to live in a community and school district that values art experiences as much as I do!
— Artist Kym Fulmer
By tapping into a child’s instinctive creativity, art is an effective and effervescent way of approaching & enhancing learning.”
— Artist Veronica Mezzina

The Visiting Artist Program is an outreach project with a long tradition at Springs School. Each year it impacts every student from kindergarten to eighth grade.  Over 50 artists of all ages and interests have shared their expertise in personalized workshops that range from printmaking, sculpture, and cartooning to abstract painting. The students interact with “real” artists in an authentic setting.  As children are exposed to these professionals, they are inspired to explore a world of creative self-expression. Artists are paid for their time benefiting the local art community. With the success of last year’s Springs Mystery Art Sale, the program is expanding to include computer design technology and other digital art forms. The school itself has become a gallery of student work, inspired by visiting artists, permanently displayed on the walls.

If you would like to be one of our Visiting Artists  then please fill out the application form below outlining any experience running workshops and ideas you have.The form can be downloaded and returned by email or post. Please click link at the bottom of this page. Thanks!


KINDERGARTEN | Liz Joyce | Puppet-making and Show

IST GRADE |  Virva Hinnemo |  'City of Lights'
(cardboard buildings lit from within)

2ND GRADE | Sydney Albertini | Abstract Scenes
Using Fabric          

3RD GRADE | David Demers | Indian Masks
(cardboard and paint)                 

4TH GRADE |  Rossa Cole | "Six-pack Birds"
(seagull wire armature wrapped in plastic)


4TH GRADE | Paton Miller | Opera Set (canvas paint, wood)

5TH GRADE | Field Trip to Matisse Exhibit at MOMA

6TH GRADE | Scott Bluedorn | Ink Drawings    

7TH GRADE | Linda Capello | Life Figure Drawing in Charcoal

7TH GRADE | Andy Piver | 'Slapping' (graffiti stickers)

8TH GRADE |  Kym Fulmer | Printmaking (cardboard relief).



Virva Hinnemo-  Created cardboard rocket ships with duct tape , foil and paint.

Veronica Mezzina - Through a versatile and simple approach, the Kindergarten students created various projects such making cupcakes in the style of Wayne Thibaud, and quilting geometric shapes in the traditions of American folk art. 

Ellen Frank -  Illuminated manuscript collage maral with gold leaf.

Ann Holt - Wave Mural using old maps to create a collage.

Andy Piver - Hand drawn and  designed Trucker Hats, button making, resin casting. Three hour Saturday workshop with 7th and 8th grade.

Sylvia Weitzman - Lego printing with 2nd Grade. 

‘Tanster' - Rainbow tie dye T shirts and giant doodling-

Kym Fulmer - Printmaking Pollar Expree Collage.

‘Wolfman’ (Colvin Cumberbatch) - Drumming workshops

Vicky Firemark - Drumming Workshops

Kate Meuth - Theatre workshops.

Frank Sofo - Plein Air Artist workshop .

Gene Samuelson - Plein Air Art workshops.

Alyce Peifer - Plein Air Artist workshops.

Kate Rabinowitz and Rameshwar Das (Anna Lytton Foundation) - Poi Dancing workshops and photography -

Alyce Wood - Doll making workshop with the “Life Skills’ class

Ellen Watson - Photography workshop.

Karyn Mannix - Landscape Painting Workshop.

Sydney Albertini - Kids watercolor portraits .

Ursula Thomas - Sumi Painting workshop. 

Trish Franey - 3D animal portraits

Rosa Cole - Seagull sculpture from recycled 6 pack ring tops.

James De Martis - Metal workshop creating  Fish Tree sculpture.

Patricia Feiwell - Meditation stick workshop.

Ruby Jackson - Figure drawing workshop.

Scott Bluedorn - Solar Print workshop.

Liz Joyce - puppet workshops